This is our target revenue number for a first time product launch on Amazon.


Well there’s a few reasons.

$501 is what we would consider a FANTASTIC success for validating a market, picking a product, and actually executing the game-plan that we teach.

Though we’d never be unhappy with overshooting that target, a LOT can happen through the process. Hitting that number means the niche you selected isn’t TOO competitive and that there’s enough customer DEMAND to justify the work we put into launching our product.

Secondly, one thing we always say at Mapunawai is that if you can make $501 per month, you can make $502!

That’s a little tongue in cheek, but let me explain.

Why You Need An Amazon FBA Business- Your Income Is No Longer Directly Tied To Your Time!

Once you get your first product launched, your base line reviews are on your product listing and everything is SET- your time is no longer directly tied to your income!

You’ve started to make the transition from an employee in the E quadrant, to a business owner in the B quadrant!

Learn more about the 4 quadrants and why an FBA style business takes you to B, rather than an S quadrant business and why that’s IDEAL for people in Hawaii here


You may invest 20-30 hours of your time getting this product launched, but once it’s up, it’s going to be selling while you’re asleep, at your day-job, or even on vacation!

You can then take the skills that you’ve learned, and launch a second product, and then a 3rd, fourth of even 5th!

All of which are making YOU the business owner money, month after month.

This is called scaling, and it’s one of the most powerful attributes of running an online business- you have the ability to scale as far as your imagination and drive can take you.


What is the biggest reason people fail at starting an Amazon business? They try to get rich quick! They see numbers that gets them SO excited, fired up, and ready to rock that they jump in right away expecting to see $20,000 or even $50,000-$100k a month coming is as quickly as ordering a Starbucks coffee!

Everyone wants to get rich QUICK. No one wants to do it slowly.

Our slow, dependable process protects you from being financially over-exposed. These low competition products, the ones that are selling $501/mo, require very little upfront capital to get started (we usually recommend between $300-$500 up start up funds for your first product) but still have the same scalability of a more competitive product with SIGNIFICANTLY less risk to you.


Over the last 5 years of working with Hawaii based businesses, we’ve found that the best two ways to begin your online business journey are through an Amazon FBA or Etsy business. If you’re curious about learning more about these types of business, you can view our resources or quick start guides for free.

Help us in our mission of starting 1,000 NEW Hawaiian businesses this year and help our beautiful state regain our financial independence.

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