About Us

Our Mission Is To Keep Hawaiians Living In Hawaii

Our plan is to educate, equip and inspire Native Hawaiians to start their own online businesses in order to increase their cashflow, and reduce the financial burdens of living in one of the most expensive places in the country.

Why Specifically Online Businesses?

1. An online business removes the geographic limitations imposed on Hawaiians. We can sell anywhere, to anyone, and at any time!

2. With many Hawaiians already working not just one, but two or even three jobs to make ends meet, online business models take advantage of automation in manufacturing, order fulfillment, and even marketing and advertising to reduce the number of hours needed to operate. Any other business model is just not feasible.

3. Online businesses require the selection of a niche market to be viable. These niches are often hobbies or passions, and allow our students to build legitimate businesses in areas they find joy in. This helps keep them motivated to continue to build their businesses.

Digital Equity & Education

As we began to develop our online entrepreneurship programs, we quickly realized how often basic computer literacy skills were overlooked and taken for granted. It turns out over 30% of the state of Hawaii can’t pass a basic digital literacy test- an essential measuring stick needed to run an online business.

This led to the creation of our extension program, Digital Ready Hawaii, which to date has taught basic computer skills and given away nearly 2,000 computers to people all across our state.

Our Board Members & Team

Our Staff Team

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Ka’ala Souza


Andy Proper


Thomas Ha’o


Leesa Souza, FNP RN

Telehealth Trainer

Amber Ichinose

Etsy Coach

Isaia Souza

Head Entrepreneurship Coach

Kehau Reis

Digital Equity Trainer

Daniel O’Guin

Creative Design Consultant

Micah Souza

Digital Equity Trainer

John Stacy

Remote Work Specialist