Building Digital Skills, Equity & Opportunity For The People Of Hawaii

Building Digital SkillsEquityOpportunity For The People Of Hawaii

Māpunawai exists to bridge the digital divide and build economic opportunities for Hawaii residents through programs that

1) Address digital equity (i.e. providing devices, skills development, and broadband internet access)

2) Provide training that teach people how to build and grow online business leveraging the internet for economic opportunities

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Access To Digital Equity Leads To
Economic Resilience

Our goal is to build foundational computer skills, ensure everyone has access to devices and broadband internet in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the online world: remote work, online businesses, advancement in current careers, investing and more!

Digital Ready Hawaii

Our foundational computer skills program teaches computer basics designed to increase comfort and students online ASAP.

Online Entrepreneurship

Our flagship program has proven that ANYONE can become an entrepreneur with the right guidance and systems.

Learn More About The Growing Māpunawai Team

Between our 26 Computer Skills Trainers, 3 Entrepreneurship Specialists and our knowledgeable and experienced Board Of Directors, Māpunawai is ready to tackle the challenges of digital inequality statewide.

“We Don’t Work With Entrepreneurs, We Build Them!”

If you have a strong set of basic computer skills and the desire to build something that can improve the quality of you and your ohana’s lives, you have what it takes to start your own online business! The best business model for a first time entrepreneur is the Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) model! No business experience or product ideas needed to start.

Have A Handmade Or Made In Hawaii Product?

Join us for our Etsy Handmade Mentorship program! Our team will guide you from start to finish. From getting your shop up and taking your first sale, to optimizing your product listings, SEO and building a legitimate business- we have you covered!

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Māpunawai enriches not only our students, but our trainers too! We get the exceptional chance to visit places we typically wouldn't access

In 2022, we were honored to visit the sacred grounds of Kalaupapa, where we had the pleasure of meeting and training the staff of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park 🤙
A very exciting week at Māpunawai! Kaʻala and Isaia were overseeing classes, while our trainers gained experience assisting and leading their own 😄

As a trainer myself, teaching in front of Kaʻala and Isaia can be nerve-wracking because of their unmatched expertise, dynamism, and engaging presence. But we strive to keep improving so we can make them and this program proud💪

Here are some snippets of those classes at Anchor Church and the Hilo Foster Grandparents Program!
Facing unique barriers to using a computer? No problem! In our computer classes, we work with you to address your specific needs ☺️
Many come to our classes thinking they'll be the only ones who don't know how to use a computer. But that's not true! A significant portion of the population hasn't had the opportunity to learn. Here are a few reasons why:
• Lack of prior need 
• Economic barriers
• Differently-abled
• Limited access to education or tools
• Cultural or language barriers
• Aging and unfamiliarity with technology 
• Living in remote or rural areas

We're working to address these barriers so that people from all backgrounds can sharpen their skills to navigate the digital world 💻 🗺️
A typical look inside our classes: Isaia bringing smiles to the faces of our students 😄
You'll hear the phrase "Computers 001" if you step into any of our classes! This is the name Ka'ala gave to our curriculum to stress that it isn't a 101-level class, it's much more basic than that - it's 001!
This testimony right here... this is what drives us. I can type out all the quotes of gratitude and heartfelt interactions from our classes, but there's nothing like hearing a story from an actual student.

Aunty Gloria prayed to learn how to use the computer, and we are so lucky to be the ones to guide her.

This is why our work matters. Mahalo Aunty Gloria for your story 🫶
We love the part of class where our students connect to Zoom!

Zoom is important not only for seeing loved ones from afar but also for serving communities in remote areas and enhancing access to essential services like telehealth 🩺
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